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Lemonade Day Lomita

Imagine a community where every child has the opportunity to become a budding entrepreneur, learning valuable life skills while having fun. That’s the vision of Lemonade Day Lomita, and we’re inviting you to be a part of it.

Lemonade Day isn’t just about selling lemonade—it’s about empowering young minds for a lifetime of success. Our unique program teaches kids the fundamentals of business ownership, financial literacy, and social responsibility through the simple act of running their own lemonade stand.

Since we launched the program in 2021, Lemonade Day Lomita has already made a significant impact over the first three years, engaging over 300 youth and helping them collectively earn $70,300 across 109 lemonade stands. But we’re not stopping there. In 2024, we’re on a mission to inspire even more young entrepreneurs and mentor the business leaders of tomorrow.

By investing in Lemonade Day, you’re investing in the future. Your support will ensure that every youth participant in Lomita receives free access to materials, curriculum, and events. Together, we’ll foster a community where financial literacy is taught early, where young minds are nurtured to think creatively and responsibly, and where the seeds of entrepreneurship are planted and cultivated.

Join us in shaping the next generation of leaders. Become a Lemonade Day sponsor for the 2024 program and make a tangible difference in the lives of our youth.

Involvement in our Lemonade Day program provides a tangible way to make a direct and meaningful impact in the lives of youth, fostering a sense of fulfillment and pride in their contribution to the local community.

Sponsors, volunteers and community members have a unique opportunity to engage with the youth business owners and families, so it’s a fun experience for both attendees & sponsors. 

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Thank You Chamber Partners & Sustaining Members