Lemonade Day National Announces Brianna Garcia at the 2021 National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year

Lemonade Day National Announces Brianna Garcia at the 2021 National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year

LOMITA, California (Oct. 15, 2021) – Lemonade Day Lomita winner, Brianna Garcia, will go on to represent the “Friendly City” at Houston, Texas as the 2021 Lemonade Day National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year.

Lemonade Day Lomita 2021 Bri’s Frozen LemonadesOn Saturday August 7th, the Lomita Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the City of Lomita presented the first annual Lemonade Day Lomita event. The city overflowed with 37 lemonade stands open at local businesses and locations throughout the community. Brianna Garcia was one of 60 young entrepreneurs who made the commitment to start and run a lemonade stand for a real-life entrepreneurial experience.

In the months leading up to the event, Brianna and fellow youth in the program followed a curriculum to set goals, market their product, learn to budget and find investors. Brianna had the opportunity to pitch her business idea, Bri’s Frozen Lemonades, to earn a microloan from South Bay Credit Union to help cover her business expenses.

The morning of the event, a welcoming ceremony kicked off the festivities with special guests including Lemonade Day Lomita Sponsors and Mentors, young entrepreneurs and their families. Special guests included Congresswoman Maxine Waters, LAUSD School Board Member Tanya Ortiz Franklin, Mayor Mark Waronek, Mayor Pro Tem Cindy Segawa, and Councilmember William Uphoff who visited different lemonade stands in support of our youth entrepreneurs’ businesses. Every cup sold brought smiles to the faces of our youth entrepreneurs who felt the love and support from family, friends, mentors, and the community.

Brianna worked alongside her mentor Bonnie Orona from Adam’s Chiropractic & Wellness Center who helped her gain the necessary tools and skills needed to open her small business. Brianna was thrilled with the turnout, “I was so amazed at all the people that came to my stand. I sold over 200 cups of lemonade! I had so many of my family, friends, neighbors, and patients from Adam Chiropractic come to my stand.”

Lemonade Day National Youth Entrepreneur WinnerBrianna mentioned her nerves eased as the day went on and she loved the entire experience. “From designing and making my aprons with my mom, to [building] my stand with my dad it was all great,” she stated. “I plan on continuing to help other charities with my money, and would like to keep saving to buy my own phone and maybe some Knott’s passes.” Brianna donated more than half of all her proceeds to the Marine Mammal Care Center as she hopes to make a difference in her community.

All Lemonade Day Young Entrepreneurs who submitted their business results were eligible to win prizes and awards, including a chance to advance to the National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Contest. The national title is announced annually by Lemonade Day National, a non-profit organization committed to providing youth with a proactive experience of entrepreneurship. At the 2021 Lomita Lemmy Awards, Brianna won Highest Grossing Sales and Lemonade Day Lomita Youth Entrepreneur of the Year making her eligible to compete for the national title.

In early October, Brianna posted on social media (@brisfrozenlemonades) giving thanks and love for all the support she received from family, friends, and the community as she was named the 2021 National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year. Lemonade Day National will fly Brianna and her father to Houston, Texas for Brianna’s award presentation and to share her experience with the Lemonade Day National Board.

Lemonade Day Lomita 2021 Brianna Brianna plans to expand her lemonade business as she works on obtaining her California business and kitchen license. “Now that I have had the chance to run my own stand and see how great being an entrepreneur is I am going to continue doing it,” said Brianna. “I have several aunts, uncles, and family friends [who] have their own businesses and participate in pop ups, farmers markets, and other events. I have talked to a few of them about being able to set up once I have my permits”.

The Lomita Chamber of Commerce intends on making Lemonade Day Lomita an annual signature event bringing together the community, kids, families, businesses, youth organizations and schools in our city. This amazing experience has planted the seed for the next generation to become the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow. For more inspiring stories, great moments and successes visit the Lemonade Day Lomita website and social media platforms at Facebook and Instagram.