California and Federal Labor Law Posters Required for Facilities and Remote Employees

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California & Federal Labor Law Posters Required For Facilities and Remote Employees (SB 657)

Every California employer must physically post current a California and Federal Labor Law Poster at each company facility. If a business doesn’t display a current poster, the business may be subject to severe fines and penalties.

In addition to the physical posting requirement, companies that have employees that work 100% from home and never report to a headquarters or location, hard copies of mandatory employment notices should be mailed to the employees homes, where they can be posted.

Under Senate Bill 657 (SB657), it is not sufficient to simply email the required notices to remote employees. For remote workers, the physical posting requirement applies to the employee’s home.  The employer needs to send required notices to remote workers, direct the remote worker to print and post the notices, and reimburse for any expenses incurred by the employee to do so.

Posters may be purchased through CalChamber. 

(Note: posters will not be shipped from CalChamber until early January since they’re awaiting final information from government agencies on two of the required employment notices.)

Employers should consult with legal counsel to make any changes to their policies and procedures as it relates to these latest laws.